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Who are We

Our Mission Statement:
Using our gifts from God to serve all with Grace and Mercy

Who are we? We are Presbyterian.

Firstly, we are a Presbyterian Church - which means our church submits itself to the oversight, guidance and discipline of a Presbytery -  a corporate body made up of both Pastors and lay-people. You can read more about what it means to be Presbyterian here and Presbyterian in Canada here.

Do you need to be Presbyterian to worship with us? Absolutely not. That's just where we've come from.

Who are we? We are Reformed.

Secondly, we believe that there are five non-negotiables of faith:

Scripture Alone - We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and our standard for life, faith and action. The Old Testament points us toward Jesus, who is the embodiment of God.

Grace Alone - We believe that the Bible teaches that humanity has a sin problem, and that we can't shake it on our own. We believe that every person needs God's help, and that salvation is only attainable with God's help which comes as a free gift. 

Faith Alone - We believe that Grace comes through faith alone, not by any amount of good work or good deeds.

Christ Alone - We believe that there are lots of things you can put faith in. Money, success, power... the list goes on. But we believe that the only faith that saves is a faith placed in Jesus of Nazareth, the son of God and the only one to overcome Death.

Glory to God Alone - We believe that there is only one God and it is for His fame and glory that we live, work and serve.

Who are we? We are committed to VALUE

The five guiding principles of our church leadership are :






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