Trinity Presbyterian Church

For the Father, About the Son, By the Spirit


Trinity Wedding Policy

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Christian marriage bears witness to the love and will of God for the whole of creation and for the social order.  The marriage liturgy attempts to express, through words and actions, the church’s understanding of  Christian marriage.


The Covenant made between a couple in marriage is private, but it is also a public covenant made before God and witnesses.  It is a covenant made for the good of the natural and social order.  It is a relationship rooted in faithfulness.  In the marriage service, we are reminded of the faithful God who entered into covenant with a beloved people.  As we celebrate, we are given a glimpse of. the kingdom of God.


The worship of God is the appropriate context for a service which unites Christians in marriage.


In accordance with the policy of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Session Trinity Presbyterian Church has determined that for our congregation, marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman and, subject to this policy, is pleased to be a part of weddings on that basis.  If we cannot conduct your wedding due to this policy, we can refer you to a ministry that can.


We trust you will find the following information helpful as you make your wedding arrangements.


The Marriage: A Service of Worship   Christian marriage should be celebrated in the place where the community gathers for worship. As a service of Christian worship, the marriage service is under the direction of the minister. With the approval of the session, Communion may be celebrated during the marriage service, and the invitation to the Table will be given to all present. 

The service begins with scriptural sentences and a brief statement of purpose. The couple shall declare their intention to enter into Christian marriage and shall exchange vows of love and faithfulness. The service includes appropriate passages of Scripture, Prayers shall be offered for the couple, for the communities that support them, and for all who seek to live in faithfulness. In the name of the triune God, the minister shall declare publicly that the couple are now joined in marriage. A charge may be given. Other actions common to the community and its cultures may appropriately be observed when these actions do not diminish the Christian understanding of marriage. The service concludes with a benediction.


Marriage Preparation Course: Marriage is a lifetime commitment that is honored by God and as such Trinity recommends your participation in a Marriage Preparation Course.  Please ask the Minister for additional information.


Facility:  We are pleased to provide our fully accessible facility for the purpose of celebrating weddings.  Our Sanctuary comfortably seats 80, with a partition that can be moved to accommodate seating for more than 200.  There is also the Fellowship Hall that adjoins both the Sanctuary and the kitchen.  Tables can be arranged in any configuration that suits your needs.  The sanctuary, fellowship hall, Sunday School Classrooms and Board Room are available for use as needed providing you are compliant with this policy. 


Interview:  Please call the clerk of session at 306-451-7000 to arrange for an interview and make a tentative booking with our minister well in advance of the wedding.


Minister:  Generally, Trinity’s minister officiates at weddings conducted at Trinity.  If you would like a guest minister to assist with or conduct the service, please consult with the minister when you have the initial interview. 


Rehearsal:  The wedding rehearsal is generally held the evening before the wedding.  The rehearsal lasts about 30 minutes.  It is essential that all weddings and rehearsals begin on time.  If the wedding party is late, the presence of all essential personnel cannot be guaranteed. 


Marriage License:  Marriage licenses may be obtained from a Provincial Licensing Agency.  A license is valid for three months.  We ask that you deliver it to the Minister at least one week prior to the wedding. 


Music:  Trinity does not have paid staff musicians.  Therefore, time and date may affect the availability of our musicians. The Minister will guide the selection of appropriate hymns/music. Additional instrumentalists or vocalists will be welcomed to participate. Recorded instrumental and accompaniment music is permitted as long as it’s appropriate to a worship service.


Sound Technician: Trinity has a sophisticated sound system.  As such we require that one of our volunteer technicians be present during the rehearsal and wedding. We have a limited number of volunteer technicians; therefore, the time and date of the service may affect their availability.  No set fee is charged, but an honorarium will be suggested.


Photography: Trinity recognizes that most people wish to have photographs and/or video recordings of their wedding.  We try to accommodate all reasonable requests.  The official photographer may take photos throughout the service and during the signing of the register, with the exception of moments of prayer.  One video person may film the service, without floodlights.


Decorations/Flowers:  Our sanctuary has been designed as a beautiful space, appropriate for any service of Christian Worship.  When planning decorations, please observe the following: 

  • Additional decorations should be designed to enhance the beauty of the sanctuary
  • No furnishing or church equipment should be removed from the Sanctuary unless prior approval is given by the Minister.  Please make arrangements with the Minister if you wish to use specific items.   
  • No tacks, pins, nails or glue may be used to attach decorations to the building or its furnishings
  • The furnishings, floors, and carpets must be fully protected at all times from moisture and candle wax.  You will be responsible for any damage and may be responsible for professional cleaning should it be necessary. 
  • All decorations, equipment and personal items must be removed immediately following the service or reception.
  • The church is not responsible for the security of personal items left unattended in the building.
  • All couples married at Trinity agree to cooperate to ensure that the church can be properly cleaned before the next scheduled program.
  • All facilities are to be left in the same condition and setup arrangements in which they were found. 
  • No confetti or rice allowed in the building or on the grounds.



The church has a nursery with a two-way window and speaker system to allow the service to be seen and heard from within.  However, you are responsible for securing a nursery attendant. 


Caterers:  If you wish to hold your reception at Trinity, caterers are welcome to use the church kitchen and appliances, but should supply their own linens, flatware, dishes, pots, pans and paper products.  The Women’s Group President will be able to explain how to use the needed equipment.  At the conclusion of the dinner or reception, the caterer is responsible for removing all items brought into the church for the event, as well as leftover food and drinks.  The kitchen counters and any equipment used should be thoroughly cleaned according to health and safety standards.  The Church Custodian will remove kitchen garbage and mop the floor. 


Alcohol: Use of alcohol is not permitted at this time. 


Costs and Fees: There are no set charges or fees for use of the church’s facilities or for the services of the minister, sound technician, organist, etc.; however, an honorarium will be suggested. (See Appendix A)


 Use of Facility (heat, lights, opening/closing of building)
 $125 (waived for members & adherents of Trinity
 $150 plus mileage as necessary (current PCC rates)
 Sound Technician
 Order of Service Bulletin
 $20 prep plus $.10 per page of paper