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Rev. Isaac Euisuk Lee

I grew up in a peaceful and beautiful village in Korea. My parents are farmers. I also love farming and gardening. Through that, I understand God’s creation and experience his love and power. I believe ministry is something like farming. I first felt God’s calling when I was 12 years old and fully accepted that when I turned 17. I was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church of Korea in 2007 and accepted into the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 2017.


After 20 years of studying and training in various fields in Korea and Canada, God led me to Grenfell in May 2017. I was inducted as a minister in Trinity Church in September. Not only our church members but all residents in Grenfell have welcomed our family. I love to watch the sun rising and setting. I really enjoy my life in Grenfell. I feel like I’m back in my hometown. I really want to be a true member of the community. 


Esther and I met in a mission outreach team, and have been married for 15 years. We have a daughter and a son. Ashley is a very active teenage girl. She is involved in a lot of activities and Samuel always loves to play. 


I have a passion for the Bible. I love to study, learn, preach and share the Word, which God has entrusted in me. I would like to worship God enthusiastically with all of you. My hope and prayer is that through our worship, we will experience God’s love, forgiveness, salvation and healing. Let us build God’s family and his church which Jesus initiated through his death on the cross and resurrection. Let us love as Jesus has loved us, serve our neighbors, and expand the kingdom of God within the Holy Spirit.  


Grace, Mercy and Peace from God and Jesus will be with you in Truth and Love.


Isaac Euisuk Lee. 

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