Trinity Presbyterian Church

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Trinity Funeral Policy



At Trinity Grenfell, a funeral is a worship service in which we give thanks to God for His providence in the life and death of our loved one, receive His comfort and rejoice in the sure hope that salvation brings the believer eternal life. 


Before any decisions are made with a funeral home, it is important that family be in contact with the Trinity minister, so that informed decisions can be made. 


Trinity has the following funeral policies in order to help families plan for a service that honors God and serves the needs of the family and friends.  Any exceptions to these policies will need to be approved by the Minister and Session.


Scheduling the Funeral Service

Upon the death of a member/adherent of the church, the family is requested to contact the Minister who will help guide them with the planning of the funeral. (In the event the Minister is not available the Clerk of Session will be the contact.) 

The Minister will notify others in the church to make arrangements for music, lunch, bulletins, audio-visual system, etc.

Conducting funerals for people who have no connection with the church is a privilege to provide.  However, it is up to the discretion of the minister (in consultation with session) to participate.


Types of Services

All services are services of worship for the community of faith.  While the form of services may differ, each is a Service of Witness to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  1. Memorial Service-The memorial Service is a service where the body is not present.  Interment of the remains in a Service of Committal has either preceded the Memorial Service or will take place at a later time.
  2. Funeral Service- The Funeral Service is a service where the body is present in either a casket or an urn.  The Funeral Service is concluded with a Service of Committal at the burial site.
  3. Graveside Service-The Graveside Service is a service that takes place at the burial site. The service of Committal is a part of the Graveside Service. 


Location of Service

The service on the occasion of death ordinarily should be held in the sanctuary in order to connect this service to the community’s continuing life and witness to the resurrection. The sanctuary is where we baptize our children, celebrate marriage, gather at the Lord’s Table, and remember the love and grace of God. Here we are surrounded by the symbols of our Christian faith as tangible reminders of the glory of God that supports us with compassion and healing. 


The Service

The Service, whether it is memorial, funeral or graveside, is comprised of acts of worship among the Christian community. The purposes of such worship services are to glorify God, to affirm our belief in the resurrection to life everlasting, and to comfort the bereaved.  Although gratitude and honor are to be expressed to God for the life and witness of the deceased, the focus of worship is upon God.  Funeral/Memorial/Graveside services will be conducted by a Trinity Minister.  Additionally, other ministers are welcomed to participate in the service as requested.   Families should discuss with the funeral home provision of

ushers, bulletins and adequate seating reserved for the family. 


The Order of Worship

The Minister shall meet with the family to discuss the order of worship with the goal of having a service that is meaningful to the family and honors God.  The following is a sample that may be adopted.  The service begins with scriptural sentences.  It is appropriate for worshipers to sing hymns, psalms, or spiritual songs, which affirm God’s power over death, a belief in the resurrection to life everlasting, and the assurance of the communion of saints.  Scripture shall be read; the minister will prepare a short message tailored to the deceased as much as possible and an affirmation of faith may be made by the people.  Aspects of the life of the one who has died may be recalled. Eulogies are important to some families and more than one person may want to speak during the service.  If needed, time can be allotted during the reception for additional speakers.   Prayers shall be offered, giving thanks to God and sending the people forth with a benediction. 



The Scriptures are a rich source to which Christians have turned for comfort and assurance in times of grief.  The Minister will guide the selection of appropriate scripture passages and would welcome suggestions of those with particular meaning for the family or the deceased.



Hymns should be chosen which affirm the goodness and grace of God and which give comfort and support to those who grieve.  Trinity does not have paid staff musicians.  Time and date may affect the availability of our musicians. The Minister will guide the selection of appropriate hymns/music. Additional instrumentalists or vocalists will be welcomed to participate. Recorded instrumental and accompaniment music is permitted as long as it’s appropriate to a worship service.


Audio/Visual System

A/V presentations are welcomed as long as they are appropriate to a worship service. Trinity has a limited number of volunteer audio-visual technicians.  The time and date of the service may affect their availability.  No set fee is charged, but an honorarium will be suggested.



Flowers are welcomed and are the responsibility of the family/funeral director to purchase, display them and remove them following the service. Saucers or containers to catch water must be placed under all floral arrangements. 


Fraternal, Civic or Military Rites

The service of worship is an act of the Christian community in which the wider community is welcome.  Fraternal, civic or military rites can be conducted as part of the service pending approval of the minister/session.


Costs and Fees

There are no set charges or fees for use of the church’s facilities or for the services of the minister or organist; however, an honorarium will be suggested. (See Appendix A)



Families may wish to display mementos or photographs of the deceased and his/her family.  Any displays or pictures must be appropriate to a worship setting.  No tape, nails, tacks, staples or screws shall be put in the walls or attached to the pews.  No wax candles will be set on the floor.  All decorations/displays must be removed at the conclusion of the service/luncheon. 



The church has a nursery with a two-way window and speaker system to allow the service to be seen and heard from within.  However, the family is responsible for securing a nursery attendant. 



The luncheon is prepared under the direction of the Trinity Women’s group.  No set fee is charged but an honorarium will be suggested. 

 Appendix A

  Use of Faility (heat, lights, opening/closing of building)
 $125 (waived for members & adherents of Trinity
 $150, plus mileage (current PCC rates)
 A/V Technician
 Order of Service Bulletin
 $20 prep, plus $.10 per page of paper